Monday, April 13, 2009

Cuomo launches probe into process servers

12:53 AM EDT, April 13, 2009

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has launched a wide-ranging investigation of possible fraud in the process-serving industry, in which thousands of people may have had their financial accounts frozen or wages garnished without any knowledge of court proceedings against them, according to officials.

A spokesman for Cuomo, Richard Bamberger, confirmed the existence of the probe and said it's an important issue in a time of increasing economic hardship. He declined to elaborate on the scope of the investigation or on firms under scrutiny.

Sources familiar with it, however, said that the investigation includes practices on Long Island and around the state. There could be as many as tens of thousands of people statewide affected, the sources said.

Two people said last week they were victims of so-called "sewer service," a term used to indicate that a person was not served and the summons could just as well have been thrown down a sewer.

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Cuomo launches probe into process servers


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