Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Economy plays part in process serving; a no-win situation

By T.M. Shultz - The Daily Courier, AZ - Sunday, June 28, 2009

Several Prescott investigation businesses and the county sheriff's office say they've noticed a disturbing trend lately of increasing attacks on process servers.

"It seems like the last year especially we are having assault after assault after assault," said Bob Palmer, owner of Palmer Investigations.

And by that, he says, he means actual physical assaults.

"It used to be when you knocked on a door, everybody was polite to you," Palmer continued. "It's a more violent culture now."

Kelli McFarland, owner of Alliance Investigations, said her employees mostly encounter yelling and door slamming.

But she has had a gun pulled on her, she said. She agrees things have been getting worse in the past year. However, she doesn't blame it solely on recent tough economic times.

She said she thinks it's because too many people are moving here from the "big cities" - people who are rude and self-centered by nature.

A third Prescott investigation firm has had guns pulled on its employees, too.

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Economy plays part in process serving; a no-win situation

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