Friday, October 30, 2009

Frustration With Maximus Child Support

The Chattanoogan - Opinion - October 30, 2009

Periodically and for over three or more years now Maximus has either sent letters or actual process servers from the sheriff's office looking for someone who doesn't live at my address. I've called and called in an attempt to inform them the individual they're looking for does not live at that address. They promise to take my address off the file, the encounters stop temporarily then start back up again.

It's gone beyond the point of simply being annoying to a feeling of being of harassed by Maximus. Do they not know that people actually move? That old files with old addresses are just that old, and the individual(s) do or no longer reside at the address they may have on file?

Each time the clerks have been kind, the process server who came by yesterday had to listen to my frustration--after all, it's not his fault. He's given a name and address and he's just doing his job. But what about the 'collateral damage' in all this. The innocent caught in the middle?

The clerk I spoke with yesterday was nice and said she'd make a note of it, again. But there's no guarantee at some future date it won't happen again.

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Frustration With Maximus Child Support


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