Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Developments in Process Server Investigation

I-Team: New Developments in Process Server Investigation
Posted: Aug 10, 2010

LAS VEGAS -- There are new developments and a new arrest in the ongoing investigation into a process serving company and the court system.

That company, On Scene Mediation, now has two employees under suspicion of falsifying court documents and putting upwards of 20,000 cases at risk. It could cost $150,000 in taxpayer money to sort through the cases involved.

The company owner and employee are accused of saying they served papers but didn't. Maurice Carroll, a former Metro police officer, was running the company out of his North Las Vegas home. He is facing 35 felonies and a court date next week.

Visalia Coleman, one of Carroll's employees, is facing eight charges. She was arrested after a traffic stop on Monday. Metro and the courts say the two and other workers at On Scene Mediation lied on court documents about serving papers.

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I-Team: New Developments in Process Server Investigation


  1. Process servers here in Colorado (Jefferson County) have lied about having served me properly, too!

  2. They just left the papers in the yard. They did not identify the recipient or anyone else and they did not hand the papers to anyone at the house here in Jefferson County. I filed a complaint with the court and all that they did was send it to the attourney who hired the servers. It was up to the attourney how to proceed! What an outrage! The county did not oversee or look into the process at all!

  3. So sorry to hear of your experience. A service like that is known as "sewer service."

    If process isn't served correctly, an injustice is done, not only to the defendant in the matter, but the whole legal process as well.
    The majority of process servers take their jobs seriously and understand their role in the legal process, but unfortunately there are those who do not get it, opening themselves up to legal prosecution and giving legitimate process servers in Colorado a bad name.

    Thank you for posting your story.

  4. This has become a nationwide concern due to the increase in foreclosures. We are seeing this problem on the east coast too! Now, professional process servers are under more scrutiny than ever because of a few "unprofessional servers."