Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ozment found in Wyoming

By ROBERT LEE LONG - Community Editor - www.desototimes.com - January 31, 2012

Pardoned killer tries to "run over" investigators

Convicted killer Joseph Ozment was discovered at a motel in Laramie, Wyoming Sunday and was served a summons to appear back in a Mississippi court on Friday.

According to District Attorney John Champion, Ozment attempted to avoid process servers and nearly ran over them in his girlfriend's Mercedes Benz.

"He attempted to run over the two Attorney General's investigators as they attempted to serve him," Champion said.

Champion said Ozment later turned up on foot and denied he had been in the car when it swerved at the process servers.

Any potential charges stemming from endangerment of sworn officers is being put on hold however, in order that Ozment appear in Jackson this Friday without further delay at a hearing convened by Circuit Judge Tomie Green.

Ozment must also stay in daily contact with authorities on his whereabouts, according to a court order issued by Green.

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Ozment found in Wyoming

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