Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ed McMahan's Poodle Attacks Process Server

The Spoof UK - by Bureau
(This story is satire. It is entirely fictitious)

Dave Higdon, a process server says if you're going to try to kick Ed McMahon out of his house, you're going to have to get past his wife and crazed poodle first!

That's the painful lesson Higdon learned when he delivered legal papers to McMahon's Beverly Hills home as McMahan continues to battle financial ruin after a series of bad investments and process server Dave Higdon appeared on his doorstep in early January.

Ed's wife Pamela had answered the front door. "She had the dog by the collar, and it was barking and snarling at me," Higdon alleged in his statement.

"Then she just lets go of the 40-pound poodle's collar and he came right for me, sinking his teeth into my leg several times. I was terrified!"

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Ed McMahan's Poodle Attacks Process Server


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  1. Without naming any names, I know another server that got bit up pretty good while serving some guy. He got bit where no man wants to talk about. Needless to say, more papers followed. The lawyer mades as much money off of the settlement as the server did. That's was almost like getting bit in the nuts twice.