Sunday, January 18, 2009

Deputies No Longer Serving Subpoenas

North County Times, CA - Teri Figueroa

Most people who need a subpoena served on someone they are suing can no longer have San Diego Sheriff's deputies do the job.

Blame it on the budget.

And get ready to pay more to hire a private firm.

As of Jan. 2, the Sheriff's Department stopped its long-running practice of serving most subpoenas and other court documents in civil cases for a small fee.

The change means that people who need papers served will have to turn to the phone book or the Internet to find process servers.

And that means paying more. A quick check on Monday revealed that some local companies charge in the neighborhood of $50.

Up until last week, anyone who needed papers served could pay $30 at the court counter to get a deputy to deliver the papers.

Easy, right? Across the county last year, more than 14,000 people used the service, which included delivering notices in small claims filings and evictions.

Joseph Click, a general partner of Relentless Process Service, said he expects a sharp increase in demand for process servers...

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Deputies no longer serving subpoenas


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