Thursday, March 5, 2009

When Photo Enforcement Process Servers Lie, Take Action

By Ray Stern in News - Mar. 5 2009

In December, we told you about a New Times employee who received a photo enforcement citation from Scottsdale with rather suspicious phrasing choices. We took the court to task for implying our colleague would certainly have his license suspended if he ignored the ticket.

This patriot chose not to waive his right of personal service, knowing the mailed ticket had no legal teeth. He waited to see what would happen.

Alas, it turns out the phrasing on the ticket was accurate. But only because the city cheated.

Or rather, the process server apparently cheated, claiming our colleague had been served properly. The New Times employee found out about the alleged hand-delivery of his ticket only after his driver's license had been suspended.

Watch out for this trick -- we doubt it's a fluke...

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When Photo Enforcement Process Servers Lie, Take Action -- And That's From the Process Serving Company


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  1. Interesting blog! It's nice to hear the perspective from another process server.