Monday, February 23, 2009

Cleaning up the city

By Keith Purtell - Phoenix Staff Writer

Handing someone a ticket does not always go well.

“I’ve had people wad it up and throw it in my face,” said process server D. Boots. “You just have to smile and keep your composure. The thing about it is to always maintain your professionalism.”

Boots is three months into a six-month pilot program where he helps the city issue citations to people who were notified of a code violation and did not pay the fine.

The city’s top four code enforcement problems are: Weeds and trash, where they’ve had 2,000 complaints; junk-like appliances, furniture, and non-functioning vehicles in the yard; dilapidated houses; and parking in the grass or on the curb...

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Pilot program beginning to show results


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