Thursday, February 12, 2009

Busy Times for Las Vegas Process Servers

Las Vegas Now - Feb 11, 2009

With foreclosures at an all time high in Nevada, those who serve foreclosure notices have been busier than ever. In some cases, letting people know they are about to lose their homes has turned into a dangerous job for process servers.

You wouldn't think it's a dangerous job, but on this morning, Norma McMahon is reminding her employees about their safety, "You need to remember, if you have any incidents out in the field you have to call the officer immediately."

McMahan runs a legal process service that serves people with legal notices -- a job that isn't getting any easier, "It's all having to do with collections, people losing their homes, people losing their vehicles, people who can not make ends meet."

Hard times are keeping her servers busier than ever, "Before all this happened, I rarely saw a foreclosure. We didn't see them very often, in all honesty."

But times have changed. Jeannie Smith is a process server and knows first hand how desperate times can affect people, "Some people lie, say they aren't them but they are because I have a picture of them. One man was really mean. He threatened me -- if I ever come back again he would shoot me, and bring me in his back yard and bury me."

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Busy Times for Las Vegas Process Servers

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