Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ron Belec: Seattle’s Least-Favorite Process Server

Ron Belec: Seattle’s Least-Favorite Process Server
Seattle Weekly - February 03, 2009

He's willing to do whatever it takes to complete a service--and has an especially passionate enemies list because of it

At 61, professional process server Ron Belec is usually content to stay at the office and let his employees run around town, thrusting subpoenas and other unwelcovme legal documents into the hands of reluctant recipients. But in November 2007, Belec's company, North West Legal Support, was charged with delivering a courtroom summons to a woman who happened to live in the same Pioneer Square apartment building as he did. So he went to make the delivery himself.

Belec recalls knocking on her door, announcing he had papers for her, and receiving no response. Whereupon, he says, he returned to his apartment, took out his dentures, and had a couple of drinks.

The woman in the apartment recalls the evening differently. She says Belec banged so hard that the door hinges started rattling. She refused to open up and instead called 911.

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Ron Belec: Seattle’s Least-Favorite Process Server


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  1. The real story is in the comments section of that article. Belec is the owner and administrator of a prostitution review website called He targets prostitutes by illegally obtaining their private information by using the priviledges he is granted as a process server. Once he has their real identities, he stalks, harasses and terrorizes these women until they consent to have sex with him. Ron Belec has no issue with his behavior and if you read his posts under his moniker Ron Paladin, you will see he discusses this very article at length. You may wonder why the Dept. Of Licensing has done nothing to discipline his license. We wonder the same thing. The DOL has been made aware of his behavior, but refuses to do anything about it citing, "this is not in our jurisdiction". A great example of our tax dollars at work.