Friday, January 28, 2011

Southwest Florida process server board dissolved

Judge decides its work will go to staff

By DICK HOGAN • • January 28, 2011

The chief judge of Southwest Florida’s judicial circuit has dissolved the civilian advisory board that reviewed certification for private process servers.

Chief Judge G. Keith Cary issued an administrative order Wednesday saying that, from now on, court administrators will handle the work previously done by the 20th Circuit Certified Process Server Review Board.

The board formed three years ago when Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott decided to stop his certification program for the process servers, whose job is to find people and present them with court papers, such as a notice of a foreclosure lawsuit.

Under Florida law, sheriffs and chief circuit judges have the authority to set up a certification program.

Cary said he established the board because he didn’t have the staff to run the program at that time.

Process server Ernie Averill, who was chairman of the board, said he has no objection to the change.

“It’s a lot of work,” he said, and with 125 process servers to keep track of, “It’s the size now where a professional paid staff should do it.”

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Southwest Florida process server board dissolved

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