Thursday, December 29, 2011

Faces of foreclosure on Long Island

Karen Rubin - Long Island Populist Examiner - December 29, 2011

Villains, victims may not be as you imagine

During one recent protest in posh Garden City, Long Island, where the Main Street offers a Who's Who of America's major banks, the face of foreclosure on Long Island was nothing like the stereotype. In fact, there was nothing similar about the three women who stood to tell their stories, or their circumstances which led them to face this terrible crisis of losing their home.

Claudia's predicament was triggered by a divorce, in which she claims her ex-husband has failed to pay the court ordered support; suffering a medical disability and raising a nine-year old, she has been forced into bankruptcy. This woman is asserting that the bank has no right to foreclose because her mortgage had been reassigned three times, with the bankruptcies and failures of the company and successor company that had the mortgage.

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Faces of foreclosure on Long Island

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