Sunday, February 5, 2012

The garnishment process or ‘How do I get my money'

Gregory T. Douds - Cherokee Tribune - February 05, 2012

The Magistrate Court handles thousands of civil lawsuits each year, most resulting in judgments against one party or the other. One of the most-asked questions we hear from winning parties is, “How do I get my money?”

In today’s struggling economy, we want county citizens to get their money. And while we must remain neutral and cannot give legal advice, the court does have some self-help tools available. One of those tools is a set of forms and instructions we have developed for garnishment proceedings.

A garnishment action is one of the primary tools used to collect unpaid judgments. This court receives an average of 360 new garnishment cases per year, resulting in about 580 disbursals, or payments to judgment creditors, per year.

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The garnishment process or ‘How do I get my money'

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