Monday, July 27, 2009

Arrest orders issued for Sarasota couple

By Michael Pollick - - Friday, July 17

TAMPA - A federal judge Thursday issued arrest warrants for John and Marian Morgan, the Sarasota couple accused of a multimillion-dollar investment scheme, when they failed to show up for a scheduled contempt-of-court hearing.

The Securities and Exchange Commission attorney prosecuting the Morgans on civil fraud charges, meanwhile, is fairly certain that the case will grow in scope from its current $11 million.

Investors in contact with SEC are pointing to other investment group leaders who funneled money to the Morgans in the same way that their two co-defendants did in the United States and that a separate two-man team did in Alberta, Canada, said SEC attorney Polly Atkinson.

Judge Richard Lazzara opened the session in Tampa federal court shortly after 10 a.m. on Thursday. He sent an officer into the hallway to see if the Morgans were in the corridor. Then he double-checked with the SEC attorneys to make sure that the couple knew they were supposed to be present. The lawyers noted that the process server was not able to serve the Morgans in person.

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Arrest orders issued for Sarasota couple

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