Monday, July 27, 2009

Keyser council hopes to better enforce ordinances

Sarah Moses - Cumberland Times-News - July 27, 2009

KEYSER, W.Va. — The Keyser City Council is looking at ways to better enforce its ordinances for trash, weeds and building permits.

“We need a buffer,” Earl Perrine, city building inspector, said at Monday afternoon’s meeting. “Currently, it isn’t working very well. I would like to have the citation issued before the authorized letter is sent out.”

Perrine said that while the changes made to the ordinance by City Attorney John Athey will help as he can now issue the citations, he would like to see citations issued earlier. Those, he said, would leave a greater impact on the homeowners than a letter. He said a number of the homeowners are very good at evading receiving these kinds of letters.

Councilman Isaac “Sonny” Alt said that since Perrine already issues a written notice that a person is in violation of the ordinances, it should serve as a first warning. After 10 days, he said, if there has been no progress on resolving a problem, then a citation should be issued and a fine incurred on the homeowner.

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Keyser council hopes to better enforce ordinances


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