Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fewer drivers paying photo radar tickets

Quinn Schuler - - July 8, 2009

Photo radar cameras used to equal big dollar signs for Joe Geremia.

"Yea, used to be a pretty good business," Geremia said.

Geremia and his wife own Angel Enterprises.

For the last 11 years they have been mailing out flyers to drivers in the Phoenix and Tucson area, who have received a photo radar ticket.

They charge $60 for information to help drivers legally get out of paying their photo radar tickets.

A few years ago, Geremia says they would mail out 5,000 to 6,000 flyers every week. Recently, though, he says business has dropped dramatically because he believes more and more people are figuring out the loophole.

"I think everybody's pretty much getting the word that there are ways of getting around it," Geremia said.

Geremia says as long as you avoid the process server (which he says he can tell you exactly how), you can avoid a ticket.

Chris Hale, Deputy Court Administrator with Tucson City Court, says that's not only dishonest but if you are served you have to pay more.

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Fewer drivers paying photo radar tickets


  1. What is disonest is claiming the cameras are for saftey when they are just trying to steal peoples money. And if you don't get served you pay nothing and no points!

  2. What is also dishonest is the politicians get $16.50 out of every ticket into their campaign funds and this was the real reason the program was implemented.