Monday, July 13, 2009

Sheriff's Office launches South Park tampering investigation

Jessica Holloway - - July 13, 2009

BEAUMONT- The Jefferson County District Clerk has requested the sheriff investigate what she calls the mis-handling of court documents. Lolita Ramos says she wants the sheriff to find out who deceived the clerk's office and broke the law.

Jessica Holloway reports, the incident involves a document related to the possible demolition of South Park Middle School.

"This is is where civil work is done," said Lolita Ramos.

The district clerk says it's always been done this way.

"It's worked well for us all these years this table has stood strong but times have changed," Lolita Ramos.

Clerks put citations on this table and in this basket for attorneys or their runners to pickup.

"I've asked the sheriff to investigate it. I'd like to know who's in possession of those citations," said Ramos.

Attorney Mike Getz is representing the Beaumont Heritage Society in a fight against the Beaumont Independent School District to save South Park High School.

He filed a temporary restraining order with the Clerk's office to halt demolition.

His private process server was supposed to pick up the citation and serve it to the school district but that didn't happen.

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Sheriff's Office launches South Park tampering investigation

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