Wednesday, July 1, 2009

County not abandoning idea for process servers

06/30/2009 - Tammie Sloup -

La Salle County Board members have not abandoned the idea of process servers — civilians hired to serve civil court documents.

Sheriff Tom Templeton and board members have discussed the idea for more than a year, with a previous plan involving hiring part-time employees for the job of delivering the documents using their own vehicles and working for about $10 an hour.

With the cost of gas and insurance issues, the idea wasn't very appealing to those who expressed interest in the job, including retired law enforcement officers.

Sheriff's deputies now deliver the process papers in between calls, and thousands of papers awaiting delivery are backlogged because of the lack of time deputies have to serve the papers.

The civil papers, which could include summons for divorce hearings or in civil lawsuits, are not criminal warrants, which deputies would continue to deliver.

Fees also are attached to the notices. The servees' attorneys are billed for the service, which averages about $50, depending on the distance traveled to deliver the documents.

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County not abandoning idea for process servers


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