Monday, July 27, 2009

Subpoenas for law enforcement officers headed online

By KEVIN COLEMAN - - July 12, 2009

COLLIER COUNTY — Collier County law enforcement officers will have fewer excuses for failing to appear in court soon.

A new electronic subpoena system is scheduled to be implemented in the county before the end of the year. It will only be used for law enforcement subpoenas.

The system, CJIS Notify, will coordinate the efforts of agencies in the criminal justice system throughout the 20th Judicial Circuit.

Currently in Collier County, an agency must use a process server to personally serve officers with subpoenas, or more commonly, to an employee at the law enforcement agency designated to accept them. An affidavit must then be typed and filed with the clerk of courts office.

Soon, those steps will be completed on the Web.

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Subpoenas for law enforcement officers headed online

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